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Vital Organic Life

Antiseptic Foaming Tattoo Soap

Antiseptic Foaming Tattoo Soap

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Your new tattoo is technically a wound. In order to keep your tattoo free of infection, you should be washing it twice a day with Vital Organic New Tattoo Foaming Antiseptic Soap. Our gentle New Tattoo Foaming Antiseptic Soap is vegan, all-natural, super effective, and most importantly, it won't dry out your new tattoo! 


10ml X 6.4cm

Care Instructions

For external use only. Keep in cool dry area away from direct light.

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"There was very slight peeling on days 11 and 12.  No clogged pores! The healing was great. I would highly recommend to others!" - Margaret M. (Body Artist)

"Its the F**king Best!" Manny L. (Tattoo Artist)

"My 13 year old tattoo looks young again!" Kailey A. (Body Artist)

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