Meet the Founder

Ronée McLaughlin, founder of Vital Organic, learned how to create her own range of organic products at the School of Natural Skincare. She is a firm believer in skin-friendly, natural and organic ingredients and is on a mission to “create a line of products that people can feel good about”.

Ronée was inspired to become an organic skincare entrepreneur when her daughter became allergic to mass produced skincare products, so she decided to formulate a line of skincare products that will soothe and nourish all skin types.

President of Operations

Kailey Antoszewski, President of Operations, a disabled veteran who fell in love with Ronée's products when they started working together over 6 years ago.

She has always been an avocate for those who need it the most, which never stopped at foreign and domesitc. Passionate about the fight for our environment and public safety. Why are other skincare companies using dyes and tearing down forests when we've proven its possible to provide a better product at the same cost or less without threatening your skincare routine or where we live.

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